How to help with login issues

Usually it is the membership team ( who helps users with access issues. The membership team will double check that the account is in order, and instruct the member to reset the password if necessary.  Sometimes the member insists that they have tried to reset the password without success. At that point the webmaster may be asked to assist.

  1. Sometimes the webmaster is copied on an email that is also sent to membership.  In that case you can choose to ignore it because the membership team is good about responding.
  2. Sometimes the webmaster is contacted directly instead of membership.  You can choose to help or you can forward the email to membership.  If you choose to help, CC membership on any emails, and stop if the problem is the member’s role is “Pending”. Only the membership team is in a position to confirm a member can be accepted.
  3. There may be confusion about and the VMS login.  The is also a separate site. Make sure it is understood where the member is having login issues.  Sometimes it is simply a matter of the member trying to login to VMS with their username and password.  Let the membership team handle any VMS issues. The remaining hints below assume the trouble is with the account.
  4. People forget not only their password, but also their username and email address.  The easiest way to find a member is to search the Member Profiles page, then click the “edit” link. Check that the registered email address matches the one they are contacting you from.
  5. Check the member’s role.  It should be “Subscriber” for most members.  Not “Pending”.  If it is Pending, let the membership team handle it.
  6. Remind the member of their username and ask that they reset their password.
  7. If the member tried and failed to reset their password, check the mailbox for  We get notified whenever someone requests a password reset.  If we are not getting any notifications then the member is not starting the password reset process correctly.  If we are getting notified by they are not receiving emails, then it is probably going to their spam folder.
  8. If all else fails, you can set the password manually for a user on their profile page then email them the password.





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