Spring 2018 Class Materials


Your homework includes completing an evaluation of each class session. Follow this link to the evaluation form. Once you have completed the survey, Homework assignments are here. Please complete each quiz before you come to class. A 70% or better on each quiz is required in order to receive credit for the assignment. There is no time limit to complete each quiz, and you may take each quiz multiple times as needed to achieve a score of 70% or better. (The aquatics and ichthyology quiz will be available in early March.)

Certification Process and Timeline

To reach initial Texas Master Naturalist certification:

    • Complete training program: 40 class- room hours, 3 field trips, homework, and participation in the class project.
    • Obtain a minimum of 8 hours of chapter approved advanced training the year.
    • Complete a minimum of 40 hours of approved volunteer service within the year.

Corrected Follow this link for a detailed timeline and other details on the certification process.
Timeline for Certification Awards

If you still need to make up classes or field trips, please keep in touch with Linda Manduley

Class and Field Trip Schedule Spring 2018

Classes are held each Tuesday from 6-9 pm.  Classes will be held at Brookhaven College (Bldg H, 3939 Valley View Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75244), except for March 13 (as noted below).  For 1st class, Trainees should report by 5:15-5:30 pm

If you need to miss a class, please contact Linda Manduley about arranging a make-up class at another chapter in the DFW area. These chapters meet in McKinney, Fort Worth, Denton and Waxahachie.  Some are further away; some meet during the day, and others do not begin their class series until fall.

2-6   Introduction to MN Program – Dana Wilson, Certified Texas Master Naturalist; Ecological Concepts (Unit 5) – Sam Kieschnick, Urban Wildlife Biologist, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

2-13   Ecological Regions of Texas (Unit 4) – Dan Northcut, Director of Environmental Studies, St. Marks School of Texas

2-20  Ecosystem Management (Unit 6) – Sam Kieschnick; Urban Ecosystems (Unit 21) – Brett Johnson, Urban Biologist, City of Dallas Parks & Recreation Dept.

2-27   Geology (Unit 7); Effects of Weather and Climate (Unit 8) – Dan Northcut

3-6    Introduction to Taxonomy (Unit 10) – Sam Kieschnick; Forest Ecology & Management (Unit 17) – Steve Houser, Certified Texas Master Naturalist

3-13   Herpetology (Unit 15) – Roger Sanderson, Director of Horticulture, Texas Discovery Garden (Class meets at Texas Discovery Gardens, in Fair Park, at 3601 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Dallas)

3-20   Prairie Ecology & Management (Unit 20) – Brandon Belcher, North Texas Preserves Manager, The Nature Conservancy, Clymer Meadow Preserve

3-27   Botany (Unit 11) – Tiana Rehman, Herbarium Collections Manager, Botanical Research Institute of Texas

4-3    Aquatics Ecology and Management and Ichthyology (Units 18 and 14) – Dr. Richard Ott, Fisheries Biologist, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

4-10   Ornithology (Unit 12) – Dr. Tania Homayoun, Texas Nature Trackers Biologist, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

4-17   Entomology (Unit 13) – Dr. Mike Merchant, Urban Entomologist, Texas A&M Agrilife Research and Extension Center, Dallas

4-24  Mammalogy (Unit 16) – Sam Kieschnick; Laws, Regulations & Ethics (Unit 22) – Richard Heilbrun, Conservation Outreach Program Leader, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

5-1   Citizen Science (Unit 24) – Sam Kieschnick; Volunteering – Project Leaders and contacts, Texas Master Naturalist, North Texas Chapter; End of Class Celebrations

Field Trips

You Must Attend One in Each Category. Sign up for field trips on February 6, at the first class. To ensure optimum experience and interactions with classmates, leaders, and field trip environments, enrollment in each field trip is limited to a small group.  Please come prepared on February 6 with a first choice and a backup choice in each category.

  • If you need to change from one scheduled field trip to another, please email Judy Aschner at judy.aschner@gmail.com to request an alternate trip.
  • If you can’t make any of the dates on the schedule below and need to make-up a field trip, please contact Linda Manduley.

Must attend one in each category. Details and directions will be emailed prior to each trip. Times and dates are subject to change due to weather.

Prairie Systems

3-31, Saturday, 9 am-Noon – Cedar Hill State Park

4-14, Saturday, 1-4 pm – Clymer Meadow

4-21, Saturday, 9 am-Noon –  Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area (LLELA)

Wetlands/Aquatic Systems

2-17, Saturday, 9 am-Noon – John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center (JBS)

3-24, Saturday, 9 am-Noon – Trinity River Audubon Center (TRAC)

4-7, Saturday, 9 am-Noon – John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center (JBS)


3-10, Saturday, 9 am-Noon – Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

3-24, Saturday, 9 am-Noon – Trinity River Audubon Center (TRAC)

4-8, Sunday, 1-4 pm – Trinity River Audubon Center (TRAC)


Field Trip Resources

Prairie Field Trips
If you would like to volunteer at Clymer Meadow contact Brandon Belcher by phone 903-752-0676 or email Brandon.Belcher@TNC.org
Clymer Meadow Public Plant List 2018
Information about the Clymer Meadow Wildflower Tour can be found on The Nature Conservancy web site, https://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/texas/events/clymer-meadow-wildflower-tour.xml

Aquatics Field Trips
The folks at John Bunker Sands Wetlands recommend the Texas Aquatic Science web page. Useful whether your aquatics field trip is at the JBS Wetlands or the Trinity River Audubon Center.

Forests Field Trip March 24 and April 4 Field Trips at Trinity River Audubon Center (Update2 3-1-2018.)
Field Trip leader, Jim Flood has provided the following materials for reference. Depending on your preference, print, download and save, or come back to this page. For those signed up for this field trip, Jim does recommend you print and bring Elm Illustrations:

Holcomb Thesis – Elm Fork Forest Ecology.pdf
Great Trinity Forest Lichens 2017.pdf
Elm_Illustrations 2017.pdf
White Oak Syngameon-2017.pdf
Forest Fieldtrip Outline-2018
History Texas Buckeye Trail

Class Handout Materials
Class materials are sometimes provided prior to class and sometimes after class. Depending on your preference, print, download and save, or come back to this page. You are not required to bring these materials to class.  Please keep in mind that not all instructors provide a handout.

Forest Ecology and Management, March 6, 2018, Steve Houser, instructor (Updated 3-9-2018.)
Resources Regarding Trees 03-20-2017
Links2Artcls 4RcmndPlntngPrnng&Care
Benefits of Trees DCMGA Legal.pdf
Benefits of Trees NCTCOG Article.pdf
DCMGA Right Tree Trifold.pdf
ISA Newsltr Sep 2013 SH article Balance Eco w-Environ.pdf
Recommended Trees for No Central Tx DCMG.pdf
US Forest Service- The Large Tree Argument.pdf
VNT Color Brochure for Class-1.pdf
Advanced Taxonomy-4.pdf
Dichotomous Key for Field Trip-3.pdf
Tree Id Worksheet.pdf
Generic Mycorrhizal Fungi
Mycorrhizae in Bottomland Forests.pdf
Tree Identification Key.pdf

Taxonomy, March 6, 2018, Sam Kieschnick, instructor
Taxonomy for NTMN class Kieschnick

Prairie Ecology and Management, March 20, Brandon Belcher, instructor
Prairie Ecology and Management – Belcher

Ornithology, April 10, Tania Homayoun, instructor
Ornithology-Homayoun part 1
Ornithology-Homayoun part 2
Ornithology-Homayoun part 3
Ornithology-Homayoun part 4
Ornithology-Homayoun part 5

Entomology, April 17, Dr. Mike Merchant, instructor
2018 Entomology

Class Project Descriptions and Presentation
2018 Project – Community recreation map finalA
2018 Project Application Rogers Wildlife-2018-01-15
2018 Project Application Wetlands Trunk Update



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